5 Ways To Face Your Fear Of Heights

Acrophobia, more commonly known as the fear of heights, ranges from mild to extreme. In extreme cases a fear of heights can prevent someone from living a normal life, preventing them from so much as climbing a flight of stairs. There are many ways to work through a fear of heights. At the root of all of them is a need to know what causes the fear, from an inborn phobia to PTSD the cause will help direct the treatment.

Here are 5 ways to help you past your fear of heights:

  • Heart Assisted Therapy

Some people manifest their PTSD as a fear of heights. While PTSD is a relatively new diagnosis in the field of psychology there have been many advances in treating it. Over the past decade a method of treatment called Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) has been developed and refined. Dr. Levin has successfully used HAT to treat PTSD in a number of patients. In cases where PTSD manifests as a fear of heights treating it will likewise treat the fear of heights

  • Reason With Yourself

If your fear of heights is relatively minor, you may be able to work through it with logic. Lay out scenarios, get statistics about them, and reason through the chances of an actual problem.

Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights

  • Gradual Exposure

In some cases, directly confronting a fear is a good path to overcoming it. This should be done gradually. Start with a short height. Get used to being there, and feeling safe being there. As soon as you are comfortable, increase the height. Repeat the process as needed.

  • Virtual Reality

Today’s technology has made it possible to fly through the air like an eagle while sitting in a chair. Try using virtual reality to experience heights while knowing full well that you are sitting in a room. Add realism as you get comfortable, such as a fan blowing “wind” or using a hammock for a floating feeling.

  • Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes all you need is someone to talk with. A trained therapist can help you find the root cause of, and overcome all kinds of fears.

If you are ready to face your fear of heights in Philadelphia, you may benefit from working with an experienced therapist. Call Eric Levin, PhD, today at (215) 792-19146 to schedule an appointment.