I can help you work through whatever challenges you're facing and make life flow again.


The foundation of my process for all focuses is the same.


 Get to know you - allow you to get to know me too -  so you can feel comfortable, open up and we can communicate effectively. 

 Once you are comfortable and we have trust, we can begin to work together and discuss what needs to be addressed.

The intent is that through this process, we are collaboratively helping you function and thrive at a higher level.


To learn more about each focus and my approaches in detail, simply click an icon.


Anxiety Treatment

We all have stories that we tell ourselves, especially about negative events that have happened to us. Anxiety comes from the story we tell, not the event itself. The trick to really treating anxiety is to change the story; it’s an inside job. I employ a model of therapy that can go deep and get to the core layers of the story. We’re not just talking about change or what you should be doing—but literally shifting the way you experience the world.

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Depression Treatment

Depression can be caused by many things. Some of us have a predisposition in our family. Traumatic events can also lead to depression — things such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, a death, or an assault. Often we feel guilty about our role in some event, how we acted or didn’t act. Depression is like stuck, stagnant water; therapy can help the water flow again.

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PTSD Treatment

Sometimes, simply talking about a problem isn’t enough. If you’ve “talked a problem to death,” and are all-too-aware of what’s happening – but can’t seem to do much about it – you may need a treatment that isn’t talk-oriented and intellectual. Often, insight isn’t enough.

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