Are you Struggling with Depression?

Does Life Feel Meaningless? 

Is it affecting you at work, with school, your family or your social life?

What if you knew there was a way out? 

Sadness is normal. Life can be hard, and we all feel down sometimes. But if everything in your life feels pointless, and the sadness isn’t passing, you may be experiencing a depression.


People in the throes of a depression feel like they just don’t care. Life seems meaningless. Nothing provides pleasure anymore. Depressed people often feel hopeless and very negative. They may eat more, or less, than they normally do and sleep more, or less, than normal. Sometimes they have thoughts of ending their life.  They may feel like something has to change, yet at the same time the depression is sapping their ability to climb out of the hole. Of course, they also may not know how to climb out.



Do any of the above symptoms sound familiar? Your negative feelings may be just a response to negative circumstances in your life, but there’s often a vicious circle here: something bad happens to you, you feel down, then your negative feelings seem to lead to more negative experiences for you. It can be difficult to break this cycle on your own. Depression treatment can help.


If you’re wondering what happened to your life — and the you who was living it — then, speaking with a depression therapist can help.

When you’re depressed, the world looks bleak, you feel terrible about yourself, and it all feels very real. But, in fact, depression is a cloud: when you’re in it, the bad feelings seem endless and intense, but once it passes, everything looks different.