Sometimes, simply talking about
a problem isn’t enough.

If you’ve “talked a problem to death,” and are
all-too-aware of what’s happening – but
can’t seem to do much about it – you may
need a treatment that isn’t talk-oriented
and intellectual. 
Often, insight isn’t enough.


I use an approach called Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) to treat PTSD. HAT directly engages the underlying mechanisms of a psychological issue, creating a shift so the issue resolves. A lot of psychological problems can be seen as resulting from a traumatic experience  becoming “stuck.”





The mind cannot fully process the experience and move on, therefore you stay stuck in the same cycle of feelings and behaviors. The actual traumatic experience has ended, but the mind keeps it going – and you continue to be traumatized.


A lot of anxiety and depressive disorders can be seen as consequences of this “jam.”

HAT gently and elegantly untangles this knot at the core of the stuck experience, allowing the anxiety and depression to resolve.