4 Ways to Improve Your Communication

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Every intimate relationship has a happy, loving side, as well as the not-so-happy moments of disagreements. While it’s both normal and healthy for there to be some amount of occasional disharmony in a relationship, the bad times should not outweigh the good. In an “unhappy” relationship, ineffective communication tends to play a big part in creating an atmosphere of friction and separation. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you and your partner get to the root of any problem without the debate turning into a battle.

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Dr. Eric Levin, PhD, a highly experienced and expertly trained couples’ therapist in Philadelphia, PA, has successfully transformed the communication styles of countless couples. To start on a path of healthier interactions in your relationship, here are 4 ways to improve your communication with your partner:

  1. Use the pronouns “I” and “me.Focus on explaining your own actions and expressing your feelings about issues versus resorting to finger-pointing. If you say your partner always does this or never does that, your partner will become defensive due to your accusatory tone. However, your partner cannot argue with how something is making you feel, so relating your comments to your feelings will help to keep your partner’s ears open to your viewpoint.

  2. Avoid using absolutes. Absolutes are words like “always,” “never,” “constantly,” “only” and “every.” These types of words exaggerate the truth of the matter and degrade the quality of the communication.

  3. Allow your partner to talk while you fully listen. Give your partner the chance to express his or her own feelings and opinions on an issue while you carefully listen. Remain attentive and try not to spend your time in contemplative silence preparing your rebuttal.

  4. Stay on topic. Bringing up an unrelated disagreement from days before will not result in a good outcome to the discussion. Sticking to the facts of the present issue will steer the communication in the right direction.

Couples Therapist Philadelphia, PA

If you have noticed that you and your partner engage in recurring arguments that never seem to be settled, it is time to seek the guidance of a licensed couples therapist, like Dr. Eric Levin, PhD, of Philadelphia, PA. In addition to improving communication, couples’ therapy can also mend any broken bonds of trust and increase the current level of intimacy. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Levin, PhD, today by calling (215) 792-6692 or send an email to begin improving the health of your relationship!